Review Policy

My review policy on books

  • I tend to review PNR, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, and similar.
  • All reviews reflect my honest opinions on a book and are given a star-scale rating.
  • Electronic books in a format compatible to a Kindle (MOBI) are preferred
  • You can contact me at this email address:
  • I have a NetGalley account with this email address:
  • You can find my book review calendar here:  Please note I only update it a month at a time and I have other book review commitments that I may or may not have entered there so expect some parallel reviews.

If a book is accepted for review I promise to:
  1. Alert you when the review is posted on the blog
  2. Have the same review posted within a 2 week time period after the book is released on Amazon UK, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and my own blog.  
Review locations:

Star ratings:

The ratings are as follows:

1 Star - I didn't like it
2 Stars - I couldn't recommend it
3 Stars - I liked it.
4 Stars - I liked it a great deal.
5 Stars - I loved it

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  1. Hello Mandy, I'm sending you via Amazon a copy for review. Please consider reviewing it. Thank you.