Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Review: Macklin by Dale Mayer 5 of 5 stars

Macklin Macklin by Dale Mayer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Macklin has had one damaging relationship in his life which he has done his best to avoid Marsha ever since. Alex is a new detective in the Coronado Police force and is determined to make a good impression. When Marsha is murdered and leaving evidence pointing to him, Macklin becomes the main suspect. Alex needs to find the killer soon, and Macklin finally has someone he wants to know better. Can they navigate the tricky case whilst staying in control of their thoughts and emotions until the killer is captured?

Great new story in the SEALs of Honor series. It was nice to see a guy struggling with a stalker as it is so often men stalking a woman, and I liked the torture of getting to know each other without crossing the boundary between a suspect and a lover. Everything was clearly written and clear and easy to understand. Very enjoyable and the ending set up a story for Corey in the next book.

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Friday, 19 January 2018

Review: Prophet: Bridge & Sword: The Final War by JC Andrijeski 5 of 5 stars

Prophet: Bridge & Sword: The Final War Prophet: Bridge & Sword: The Final War by JC Andrijeski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Allie and Revik are trying to find the rest of the people on the list of humans and seers who will rebuild the world after the apocalypse before Shadows kills them or a new player in the game buys them. Allie also has to check out a new group who says they are her supporters whilst also doing to Dubai (a Shadow place) to retrieve more of the Listers. Add to this the fact her world is unravelling and she wonders if one of those turning against her is her own husband?

Wow - an intense and very emotional roller-coaster which might feel that it didn't push the story very far but it sure delved into the thoughts and emotions involved in the story. There were some significant events and that meant that there were plenty of twists and turns to keep you surprised. There was the departure of some characters and the introduction of some new ones too. Well written and I could definitely feel and experience everything I was reading.

** Please note you need to have read the previous books in the series to make sense of and get enjoyment from this book.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Review: Adrian by Monica La Porta 5 of 5 stars

Adrian Adrian by Monica La Porta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adrian might be 2000 years old and be a fortunate day-walking vampire, but he's very jaded and elusive as he controls every aspect of his life. However when he gets struck by The Thirst, his legendary control almost snaps as he fights to keep his sanity. Lavinia is a helf breed werewolf and living her life longing for some sort of stability in her life after her family were constantly on the run from purists intent on disposing of all like her. Then her roommate is murdered and life becomes a nightmare for her. At the Directive’s Masquerade Gala Adrian and Lavinia are drawn together in a meeting which completely changes their fate forever. However can they beat those chasing after her and survive to live the life their attraction promises?

Wow - buckle up and prepare for a ride through lots of danger, drama, action and even passion as these two fight to survive and stay together. I was drawn into their world and was completely behind them as they struggled to beat repeated attacks and attempts to take Lavinia away from Adrian. I was definitely hooked and couldn't put it down until I had finish it. Well written and a joy to read.

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Review: Dragon's Desire by Eva Chase 5 of 5 stars

Dragon's Desire Dragon's Desire by Eva Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ren has settled into her role as the last dragon shifter and is getting her head around this 4 alpha mates. However trouble won't leave them alone and the rogues won't eave them alone. Try as they might they find allies to the rogues and betrayal in the most unexpected places. How can she unite all the shifters when 3 weeks ago she thought she was a normal human??

Wow - great story that was drama and excitement from start to finish. There were twists and turns all over the place and I definitely found myself reading faster and faster as the story developed. Well written and everything was clear and easy to understand. I can't wait for the next one now.

** Please note this story contains scenes involving one woman, four men, and some sex.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Review: Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings by Michelle Fox by Julia Lake Mills by Gwen Knight by Rebecca Rivard 5 of 5 stars

Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings by Michelle Fox              
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you liked any of these in the past you will love this collection which is a complete joy to read.

Revealed: Violet - 5*

Zopyros Persopoulos is a vampire who owns a company called Datadenex and Violet is desperate to have access to their DNA database. In desperation she decides to sneak into the Blood Ball and pretend to be a blood courtesan and talk to him directly there. But then everything goes wrong.

This is a great story and I really enjoyed reading the story. It had lots of danger, drama and excitement in a powerful story that had roots in the world of medical research. It was well written and clear and easy to understand

Exposed: Zoe - 5*

Zoe's sister had been a blood courtesan but had be given drugs and drained dry before being left for dead. So having met Asher he promised to help me bring the vampires responsible to justice - I just have to become his own courtesan.

Wow - I loved this story. There was so much danger, drama and unexpected things happening I was completely hooked and found myself reading it faster and faster needing to know what happened next. Well written and a joy to read.

Compelled: Cerise 5*

Cerise is an assassin who finds and kills vampires - she is pretty, emotionless and very cool and professional. But she has decided to retire from it a until she is blackmailed into doing one more job - but the target is a bond viking and after going under cover to kill him she joins forces with him to find out who is behind the blackmail. However there is a fly in the ointment - she falls in love with him.

This is a great story. lots of action and twists and turns in a complex story. Very enjoyable.

Eternity: Abigail 5*

Abby had been a blood courtesan and had fallen for her vampire, but he set me free saying vampires and humans shouldn't be together. However now I'm in danger and he is the only one who can save me.

Lots of drama in this story that is a continuation of existing blood courtesan books. Lots of drama, danger and excitement in this story that eventually had the right ending.

Condemned: Bonnie 5*

In order to save her brother Bonnie makes a deal with an attorney but the price is her body and blood - can she pay the price and have a happy ending.

Great story mixing the world of blood courtesans and inter vampire politics. Lots of action in places and great finish.

Sacrifice Olivia 5*

Having saved her Olivia is not part of the coven and so ends up as a blood courtesan to Pierce. Can she win his heart?

Drama from the start to the finish in this story that was a roller-coaster all the way through.

Emboldened: Victoria 5*

Can Victoria save Jasper even though he doesn't want her help?

Wow - drama in spades in this story. Lovely story well told.

Undone: Missie 5*

Missie hates rich people and vampires but needs the help of one to get her freedom.

Well Missie sure had to change her attitude to both. Very enjoyable story that was great to read too.

Concealed: Lexi 5*

Lexi has to become a blood courtesan in order to pay for life saving treatment. Can she survive this encounter with the gorgeous Gavin Morris?

Definitely pulls at the heartstrings but a great story too.

Refrain: Neriza 5*

After being left penniless and with a sister to care for Neriza, she ties up with the blood courtesans to get money to survive. How will she cope with meeting a vampire rock star who is the man of her dreams?

Great story that had you routing for a good resolution to her problems.

Relic: Cyra 5*

Cyra needs the help of a vampire after betrayal by her mother and needs to make amends with the coven. Can she do this?

Wow - evil mother but the main thing is she found Kade.

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Review: A Tempest of Discovery by Sarah M. Cradit 5 of 5 stars

A Tempest of Discovery: Midnight Dynasty Book One A Tempest of Discovery: Midnight Dynasty Book One by Sarah M. Cradit
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nicolas Deschanel was more into his own pleasure but has changed and is trying his best to be the man he wants and should be. He is working closely with lawyer Lauren and she is sceptical of his redeption as they do the research into the subjects that interest the collective. Charlotte Fontenot and her cousin Julian are on a mission in Paris and are both discovering that they are more than they appear as she gets closer to Lawrence. Nicholas and Laurent then start to look at the LaViolette family and things start to go south on both fronts for the family.

Wow - once again the world that this author has created expands in this new spin-off series which once again this no shortage of drama, danger, twists and turns as the story progresses towards what turns out to be an explosive finale that has me completely hooked - I really NEED to know what happens next after the complete surprise that knocked me sideways at the end of this book. Well written and very clear and easy to understand.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Review: Evelyn's Journal by M.J. Gardner 4 of 5 stars

Evelyn's JournalEvelyn's Journal by M.J. Gardner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evelyn is a young girl with mixed heritage and when the book starts we meet her at boarding school. When she leaves school life gets complicated when she becomes a vampire and needs men for their blood to keep her alive. When the vampire who turned her appears insisting that he is like a god and she should love him life really gets complicated. Can she get through all of this and survive.

Interesting story that developed and moved at a reasonable pace. There were moments of drama and danger in places which drew you to feel sorry for her however she struck me as a strange one and I could never get completely on board with her. However it was a well written story and I could understand and feel all the thoughts and emotions of the characters (when they had them).

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