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Review: Poison and Potions: a Limited Edition Collection by Erin Hayes by Debbie Herbert by K.N. Lee by Rebecca Hamilton

Poison and Potions: a Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy CollectionPoison and Potions: a Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection by Erin Hayes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How to be a Mermaid - Erin Hayes

Tara has dreamed about being a mermaid since forever so takes a year out to wear a fake tail and be one in a professional group of performers. Then she meets a real one called Finn and starts to become a real one. When she tries to find him to stop the transformation she gets caught in the middle of a war between the land and sea - her only escape is to learn to be a real mermaid.

A charming story with a gentle love story mixed in with the being a mermaid transformation and the impending war. Well written, clear and easy to understand. An enjoyable light read.

Soul Stalkers - Norma Hinkins

Cursed Magic - Margo Bond Collins and Rebecca Hamilton

White as Snow - May Sage

Murder by Magic Catherine Vale

Soulless Monica Corwin

The Princess and the Vampire - Thea Atkinson

What Devil's May Come - Rachel McClellan

Changed - Debbie Herbert

Tara's world had recently changed dramatically from it's original course. Before she was a witch who was happy to go along with her coven's focus on world domination, then she was in love with an immortal called Andrew and had finally seen the truth - determined to extricate herself from the world she was in she went to a final coven meeting hoping this was he start of her new future.

Drama in spades in this story that sets the scene for the Appalachian Magic series of books by Debbie. Proof that life (and love) never run smoothly for all races but that it is possible to get a HEA in the end. Well written and emotions clear and easy to empathise with.

Ink - Melanie Karsak

Academia of the Beast - KN Lee

Allyn is a witch who lives if the slums of Eastria having escaped the hunters. Just before the Winter Winds trap everyone in their homes for the season she goes with friends to the Winter Ball and meets the crown prince of Elastria and she has hope for a brighter future until her ex-boyfriend tricks her and she is tuned in for the bounty on her head.

She then finds herself a prisoner in a strange castle that has ghost servants and talking walls. Can she tame the prince's mysterious twin and can she cure the curse?

This was a great retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It was well written, and I could definitely put myself in the position of the characters and relate to their feelings and emotions.

Blue Moon - Morgan J Parker and Nathan Squiers

Origins - Rebecca Hamilton

The regent needs a wife who is a witch who can give him a child to take over protecting the sector from the Ravagers. Problem is he is infertile so keeps banishing his wives to be killed rather than admit he has a problem.

Alec is a Hunter who searches for witches for the regent to marry and is looking for the next person. Adira is a witch that that Alec finds but cannot bear to hand her in immediately so gives her 13 days to prepare for the tests she will have as the regent's chosen bride. Alec helps to train her in combat in preparation for handing her in. Will he have the strength to hand her in or will they both give in to the pull between them?

I loved this book and the twists and turns in the story. A couple of times I became quite teary eyed so could definitely sense the emotion in those sections. Definitely recommended.

Moon Canyon - Conner Kressley and Rebecca Hamilton

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